King Eurystheus Alternate Ending

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Hercules walked into the throne room. His brother Eurystheus appeared to be shaking in his seat. Hercules asked in a mock polite voice "Hey brother, would you like a cup of coffee to soothe your nerves?".
Eurystheus was too scared to reply. He whispered in his nearest assistant 's ear.
"The King Eurystheus would like you to go and slay the Nemean Lion." said this assistant whose name was Bob.
Everyone listening there really started shaking in their shoes there when they heard this. One lady even took out her lace handkerchief and started crying.
Hercules just stood there looking unfazed. "What is this Nemean Lion?" he asked curiously, all mock politeness gone from his voice.
King Eurystheus got up from his chair "The Nemean Lion is the most dangerous, terrifying
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Now I know usually you wouldn 't jump for a lion 's jaw when it has bulletproof skin but, Hercules was one muscly dude. After Hercules jumped and grabbed the lion 's jaw. He grabbed and he pulled the jaws apart. The lion dropped to the floor dead. Then Hercules started to try and skin the lion with his knife. When his blade shattered on impact he took one of the lion 's claws and started to skin it with its own claws.

When Hercules left the cave, he left with a bullet proof, knife proof and pretty much everything proof armour/cloak. He came back to Mycenae with the lion skin armour on his head. As soon as he entered Eurystheus 's court Eurystheus jumped into a big intricate piece of Greek pottery. I 'm serious. He actually jumped into a pot. That 's how scared Eurystheus was of Hercules + the Nemean Lion armour.
"Please go outside of Mycenae and leave your cloak there." the pot squeaked "You could be charged with inciting a scurry!"
Hercules said "Brother, may I ask why you are in that pot?"
"No, you may not!"yelled Eurystheus"Now leave me!"

Hercules left and took his armour off and went to take a rest. Funny how people never talk about heroes
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