King Faisal Leadership

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The Rise from Prince to Royal for the Most Powerful Leader in The World " Arm yourselves with knowledge. " This effectiveness and meaningful sentence which was expressed by the one of the most important leader who passed through the earth's history . This smart and dauntless leader was one of the kings that governed Saudi Arabia in the past years . He was the most famous Arab leader in the early 1970s. He involved for more than a half century in the formation of new Saudi Arabia and, as king, was known for his traditionalist Islamic approaches and his strong counter communism . This was King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz AL Saud God's mercy ( 1,2 ). King Faisal was born in the capital city of Saudi Arabia Riyadh in 1906 . He…show more content…
Externally, an antagonistic relationship with Egypt which led by Gamal Abdul Nasser in that period and an urbanized war in Yemen. Internally, King Faisal's policy was established on a number of stable factors: saving the identity and independence of kingdom , keeping the Arab League's Charter and calling to Islamic solidarity. he canceled bondage in 1962. He called for the institution of the Moslem World League. King Faisal gave care and interest to the economic, financial, industrial and agricultural fields. During King Faisal's term, agricultural land area expanded hugely and the search for water origins was promoted. As part of the search for minerals throughout the Kingdom, the General Corporation for Petroleum and Minerals was founded. He made with his wife iffat a big and important assistance to women's education. He promoted public education through the journalism, radio, and television. In 1967 in Khartoum conference after the sixth days of Arab war with Israeli , Faisal and Nasser reached to an agreement which resulted in retreating of Egyptian soldiers from Yemen. In the 1970, Nasser was dead , and the policy of new Egypt ruler Anwar Sadat was to tilt toward the West which made his decision in arab issues weakened and ignored. So king Faisal became the most important and famous leader in the Arab world and the moderator of Arab conflicts in that period. King Faisal founded powerful relationships with the West which made his country the most powerful Arab confederate of the United States. He rejected any political relationship with the Soviet Union and other Communist bloc countries because there is big different between Communism and Islam
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