King Ferdinand And Isabella's Greatest Accomplishments

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Ferdinand and Isabella are people from the Renaissance they have completed many great accomplishments, and captured Reconquista, and they are monarchs who when they got married they created the Castile of Aragon. The marriage of cousins Ferdinand and Isabella eventually brought stability to both kingdoms. So because there religion they became known as the “ Catholic monarchs”.
Ferdinand and Isabella both have great accomplishments. There greatest accomplishment is when they sponsored Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1492 and United Spain largest kingdoms. The first voyage then led to a second voyage which they sponsored by that led to his discovery of several islands. and a third voyage which they had also sponsored.The third voyage was to discover new territories, on which he discovered series of islands. When they got married they created the Castile of Aragon which that formed the kingdom of Spain. They are also known for completing the Reconquista.The Reconquista is a movement that drives Muslims to Spain. Also they ordered conversion of exile of the Jewish and Muslim subjects in the Spanish Inquisition. They also
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Know one knows what caused the death of king Ferdinand. His will indicates that his body be moved to Granada demanding he be reunited with his first wife so they would be together for eternity .The day before his death he signed his last document and testament, an excellent picture of the monarch and of political situation of his death. There was something about Ferdinand that didn’t always seem original. He performed an amount of heroic deeds between the ages of 20 and 30. In the years of 1475 to 1479 he had struggled to take a firm seat in the Castile with his wife. For Ferdinand the years of 1482-92 were the best years of his life. During the spring months he put his military talent to good use and he conquered the kingdom inch by inch wining in January
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