King George III Persuasive Speech

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I am sure we all remember why we sailed on a voyage across the Atlantic and went through many hardships. That is so we can live in a land where we all can start a new life with better opportunities. But is that what we really have? It is clear that King George III is not treating us how he would treat his citizens when we are still his people. He’s ignoring our complaints and needs and is making up laws that are unfair and brutal. Remember how hard we fought in the French-Indian War. Now we are the ones who has to pay its debt, even when we are not allowed to live the land that we won, thanks to the Proclamation of 1763!Don’t you all think it’s time to rebel against this government of unjust power? Why should we be loyal to someone who does not consider our…show more content…
The first law under effect, has closed Boston Harbor to all shipping until we pay back for their tea that we dumped and show them proper respect. First of all, we will not show the British any further respect for they have no respect for us. But the problem for us is how will be be able to proceed our businesses and trading when Boston Harbor is closed. The second law now puts Massachusetts in complete British authority, in which now our governors are appointed by King George III. With this law in effect, it is considered a violation for us to hold town meetings without the governor’s permission. This means we have no freedom of discussion amongst the colonies and no rights for electing or governors.The third law puts British soldiers, who are accused of murder, to be ‘fairly’ tried in England instead of the colonies. This is a disadvantage for us since those soldiers can possible escape justice back in their homeland. And finally, the last law requires us to provide shelter and food for more British soldiers who are sent to enforce these laws. Many of us are most frustrated with this
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