King George's Farewell Speech

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King George, thank you for letting us live on England for many years, but it came to a point when there is too much going on that we have to move on. We have differences and some of us don 't agree with the way you run. We don’t want to fight, nor get harmed So, it is better if we end it here for the good of us and you. This relationship should end because we are not receiving life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness. Life should be a wonderful and amazing experience, but the actions that you have done toward my people have been otherwise. Liberty is being free and expressing our beliefs and having our own political views. This is what we should be given everyday, but we are not. Same goes for property, we should be able to have the…show more content…
There are many examples that you have done to us that we are not earning the chance of life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness. As everyone knows, life is very significant; everyone want to live forever (even you,) but the Boston Massacre made life miserable. It was miserable because instead of living a happy life people died. This all started on March 5, 1770, when 1,000 of your soldiers came and created tension between us. In particular, Crispus Attucks and four other guys died, while trying to obtain our freedom. The Boston Harbor was the property that was taken from us. Your intolerable acts were cruel and unkind. Put your feet in our shoes! If you were taxed for tea you would of done the same circumstance we did. Also, it was very selfish of you to forbade any town meetings and restrain the quartering act. We want the liberty to be free and do whatever we want, but if you keep taxing us without any representation. In particular, you taxed us for stamps, sugar, tea and way too many more to count. That is unfair! Later on the First Continental Congress gave us the liberty to vote on banning all trade with Britain until the intolerable acts were repealed. As I was trying to say, your actions are not pursuing us happiness, we were just all depressed and
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