Imogene King Goal Attainment Theory In Nursing

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Imogene King Goal Attainment Theory
Deciding to pursue a career in nursing, is often done form a place of giving. Giving of oneself to better the wellbeing of another. The process of providing care starts with an assessment of the situation and developing goals. Goal development happens with the patient present and takes efforts on the part of the nurse and patient. Imogene King created a systems approach to help the nurse-patient relationship and further created the goal attainment theory.
Kings Conceptual System
The systems theory is an interactive system that helps further the nurse-patient relationship. This approach is based on three systems. Included in the three systems is individual, interpersonal and social (“Goal
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The objective is to apply the theory to help solve the problems that are identified. King’s theory is easily applicable to many situations. In the end, it is about defining goals and achieving them. This process incorporates the goal attainment theory because it involves the patient and the nurse who has defined a problem and work together to alleviate the problem. A clinical quality problem might be related directly to a patient or affect them indirectly.
Potential practice quality improvement. Using King’s theory of goal attainment to address a quality problem could be used for a wide range of issues. This process starts with (a) gathering data and making an assessment; (b) using the data gathered and creating a diagnosis; (c) creating and implementing interventions; (d) and ending with an evaluation of the process. In this example from the article Integration of Nursing Theories into Practice, (2014), is Mrs. Star who presents to the clinic for an appointment.
• Assessment: Nurse perception- well groomed, comfortable, makes good eye contact. She is 25 years old, married and is 6 months pregnant. She is new to the area. Mrs. Star preception- says she is healthy, is a teacher, asks questions about delivery. Feels well with little or no nausea.
• Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge deficit about health care resources and childbirth related to recent move and being a first time
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Quality Improvement Initiative
King’s conceptual system model is made up of three systems, personal interpersonal and social. The committee would be part of the interpersonal system. This committee is made up of individuals who come together to form a group to develop and achieve goals (Smith & Parker, 2015). A formed committee would benefit from the use of King’s conceptual model and goal attainment theory to achieve their objectives. An example of this is a committee put forward to help increase communication when changes are made on a general medical floor.
• Assessment: Nurses often feel uninformed when changes are made. Not being made aware of important changes can affect patient care.
• Nursing Diagnosis: Communication breakdown due to ineffective delivery of new changes related to patient care.
• Goal setting: Implement an education book that is placed near the nurse 's station and nurses are responsible to read the changes and sign off when they have read it.
• Evaluation: Nurses are better informed and are up to date with new

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