King Goal Attainment Theory: A Career In Nursing

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Imogene King Goal Attainment Theory Deciding to pursue a career in nursing, is often done form a place of giving. Giving of oneself to better the wellbeing of another. The process of providing care starts with an assessment of the situation and developing goals. Goal development happens with the patient present and takes efforts on the part of the nurse and patient. Imogene King created a systems approach to help the nurse-patient relationship and further created the goal attainment theory. Kings Conceptual System The systems theory is an interactive system that helps further the nurse-patient relationship. This approach is based on three systems. Included in the three systems is individual, interpersonal and social (“Goal attainment theory,” n.d). “King 's conceptual system will provide the structure needed for organizing ideas into meaningful wholes” (Smith & Parker, 2015). Individual System The key concepts for the individual system are perception, self-growth, and development, body image, space and time (“Goal attainment,” n.d). King felt as if these concepts are essential in understanding human beings because it is these concepts that affect how nurses see themselves based on their own personal beliefs and goals (“Goal attainment,” n.d). Each person is an individual system and each person is made up of thoughts and feelings (Gill, 2014). King indicated that perception is the most important of the concepts related to individual system (“Goal

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