King Hammurabi History

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Canada is a diverse country, which consists of many ethnic groups and religions. The Canadian justice system does not abide too any religion or specific culture but too all. The Canadian justice system is one of the greatest in the world and consists of many different aspects, including public law and private law. The Canadian justice system is not the only system in the world but also one of the youngest systems when looking at code of Hammurabi. Code of Hammurabi is the earliest written laws in the world. It was written and used during the rule of King Hammurabi. King Hammurabi was also known as Ammurapi and was the sixth King of his dynasty. After his father King Sin-Muballit, Hammurabi took over the kingdom and had conquered and expanded his power. In his power King Hammurabi had created 300 laws, which were carved into stone. The codes of…show more content…
My reaction to code of Hammurabi is that it is wrong to have this mentality for some types of crimes. For instance it would be wrong to chop the hand off of a thief because what he/she is taking can be brought back or replaced. Sometimes the thief will steal for basic things like food. This eye for an eye can be used for certain murder cases. For example if a person kills another person just for the benefit of that individual. My opinion on the question of if Canada should bring back the eye for an eye mentality is, yes in some cases. For example if proven for murder or sexual assault the assailant should be in the category of eye for an eye. Otherwise for any materialized crimes it should not go to that extant. Altogether the code of Hammurabi has many cons and very little pros but there is a lot that can be learned. Our system is good but for crimes that permanently take lives, the opinion should be eye for an eye format. For any crimes that involve materialized things I personally believe this format should not be
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