King Henry VII: Who Was The Better King

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Henry VII was born in 1457 and died in 1509. His son with Elizabeth of York: Henry VIII was born in 1491 and died in 1547. Both kings are incredibly famous and changed England beyond belief, but who was the better king? Let 's find out…

Firstly, in terms of relations with foreign countries, I believe Henry VII was better. He took a non military/ no war approach to dealing with foreign affairs while Henry VIII took a more confrontational approach, for example his invasion of France. Henry VII established good trade relations with the Happisburgh Empire (Germany and Austria) and France. He also used marriage to make alliances with other foreign countries and to keep the peace between countries. One example of this is when he married his son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon from Spain. Sadly, Arthur died, but King Henry VII, not wanting to make Catherine’s father angry arranged a marriage between Catherine and his next son Henry VIII. When Henry VIII came to the throne he wanted to be a powerful king throughout Europe. For the first two years of his reign, he took a non military approach like his father, but after this he began to take a more confrontational approach. One of his main aims was to win back land in France conquered by Henry V and to lay a claim to the French throne. Sadly, he did not achieve this and did not have enough resources to defeat the French while they had a wide range of resources at their disposal. Another negative was that Henry was also manipulated
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