King Henry Vizabeth: The Era Of Prosperity

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The Era of Prosperity Queen Elizabeth made a major impact in British society and the rest of the world. It is important when a queen leaves a great legacy in change in society. It began in 1485 and spreaded throughout Britain. Scholars and artist wanted to resuscitate Greek and Roman classics. Technology and astronomy allowed explorers to go far with navigation. Exploration was at its peak when christopher Columbus sailed to the west. John Cabot was England’s explorer who sailed to Newfoundland off the coast of Canada. The Renaissance period also led to questions of authority of the Catholic Church. There were also questions about the interpretation of the bible. Which then led to a German Monk, Martin Luther, to separate from the Catholic Church which was called, The Protestant Reformation. King Henry VIII succeeded after King Henry VII died. Henry…show more content…
Her influence in this era was since the beginning of her childhood. She always liked to wear beautiful and rich gowns. Her remarkable traits was her ability to use any situation to her political advantage. She thought that the way you present yourself is the way people will treat you. Her rich gowns impressed people and were designed to impress. Her influence in fashion also came from other european countries. She looked up to other royal’s fashion like Katherine of Aragon. Naturally, what the Queen wore greatly influenced those close to her. Her ladies in waiting wore her old dresses; other women strove to imitate the style of the Queen and her ladies. New fashions filtered gradually down from court to society in general, rather like ripples in a pond, where they often assumed a simpler and more practical aspect than the gowns worn by the Queen and her companions. Her influence in fashion brought many people to imitate her style and leave a legacy of her sense of

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