The Era Of Prosperity Analysis

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The Era of Prosperity
Queen Elizabeth made a major impact in British society and the rest of the world. It is important when a queen leaves a great legacy in change in society. It began in 1485 and spreaded throughout Britain. Scholars and artist wanted to resuscitate Greek and Roman classics. Technology and astronomy allowed explorers to go far with navigation. Exploration was at its peak when christopher Columbus sailed to the west. John Cabot was England’s explorer who sailed to Newfoundland off the coast of Canada. The Renaissance period also led to questions of authority of the Catholic Church. There were also questions about the interpretation of the bible. Which then led to a German Monk, Martin Luther, to separate from
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Especially before Queen Elizabeth reigned. Her dad, King Henry VIII was a devout Catholic. When he married his wife, Catherine of Aragon could not bare a son. He had a daughter but wanted to continue his heir with a son. He wanted to divorce her but the Catholic Church did not allow divorce. He then separated from Catholicism and a new religion came about. The Church of England led to tensions between England and the Catholic Church. He got married again to his second wife named Anne Boleyn. His second marriage brought the Church of England which led the king head of the Church. Anne had a daughter, Elizabeth. Anne was executed and accused of treason. He married four more times. His marriage with Jane Seymour was the only one where she produced a son named Edward VI. After Henry died his son was a Protestant King. Queen Mary was his successor and died after five and a half years later. Queen Elizabeth took over and her reign was one of the longest reigns in…show more content…
Women were raised to believe that they were inferior to men. Elizabethan women were taught at home. They were not allowed to attend universities to be a lawyer or doctors. They also did not have the right to vote. They also were not allowed to act in plays. If they ever disobey any of these rules, they would be seen as committing crimes against their religion. Women were also not allowed to be heirs to their father 's titles.
Upper class women may have had the opportunity to have an education. They were tutored in homes. They were taught various languages, for example: French, Latin, and Greek. They weren 't able to attend university but they could have been sent away to finish their education elsewhere.Etiquette was a major importance to society. The arts were also taught. While lower class women would have to obey the men in the house. They would also have to learn their duties to become housewives. Women were expected to marry. If they were taught any education it would be only to get married. Single women were looked as a suspicion and were taught to be witches. “Elizabethan women were expected to bring a dowry to the marriage. A dowry was an amount of money, goods, and property that the bride would bring to the marriage. It was also referred to as her marriage portion” (“Elizabethan Women” par 10). These women either upper class or lower class, they were expected to marry, and be
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