King Henry V's Moral Virtue

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Because of his extraordinary traits, the great King Henry V successfully led his small army of men to such victory from the great French in the Battle of Agincourt. King Henry’s self-discipline, reflective to his commitment to kingship, had continuously led him to great virtues that ultimately influenced his knights to become true men of chivalry. Aristotle from Book II Moral Virtue “We describe as opposed to the mean those things in which we are more prone to over-indulgence; thus profligacy, which is excess, is more opposite to the mean than its corresponding deficiency is.” It is in fact natural for humans to be obsessed with ideas or things but in the end it will only weigh a person down. Luckily, people can be trained to end bad habits.…show more content…
The greater therefore should our courage be. There is some soul of goodness in things evil, would men observingly distill it out. For our bad neighbor makes us early stirrers, which is both healthful and good husbandry.”(IV.I.1-7). Even when overwhelming odds are against them King Henry still lifts the spirits of his men. He encourages his men to be men of strength because of the great danger and although they must wake up early it will make them healthy. King Henry is optimistic and persuades his men to do the same. By King Henry constantly looking at the glass halfway full it will lead his men to positive and thinking and being confident enough to defeat France. The only way a small army of men can defeat a great army is with positivity and confidence, because of King Henry’s faith in God he instilled confidence in his men that gave them courage to beat…show more content…
The qualities of a good King are not necessarily the same qualities of a good man. In Act II, while dealing with a traitor from the inside King Henry responds passionately “he that tempered thee bade thee stand up, gave thee no instance why thou shouldst do treason…oh hast thou with jealousy infected the sweetness of affiance... I will weep for thee, for this revolt of thine methinks is like another fall of man- their faults are open. Arrest them to the answer of the law, and go acquit them of their practices.”(II.II. 118-145). It is not difficult to decide that ordering Scrope to be killed, since Scrope made a deal with the French to assassinate the king. While having his old friend prior to his kingship Bardolph killed could be argued differently. Walking into a conversation execution of his old friend for stealing from the church, King replies “We would have all such offenders so cut off, and we give express charge that in our marches through the country there be nothing compelled from villages, nothing taken but paid for, none of the French upbraided or abused in disdainful language; for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winter” (II.IV.96-101) King Henry’s reputation is extremely widespread, King Henry must hold his to same justice for all no matter how much of
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