King Henry's Ethos Pathos Logos

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Ethos, pathos, and logos are persuasive devices that help a speaker convince listeners to believe what they say. Shakespeare's text King Henry V uses the three items to show his leadership. Henry uses ethos to show his soldiers how to fight, he uses pathos to play on their emotion, and he uses logos to provide step by step directions.

In the text, the entire speech employs ethos because Henry is the king and an expert at warfare. His speech shows his skill and waging battle and encouraging his troops (Shakespeare). He must train his soldiers how to fight going into the battle, he must train them to shoot through armor and he must train his man to have the bravery to go into the fight knowing that they are going to win the battle even if it means sacrificing their life. This text demonstrates that Henry knows how to go into battle with bravery and how to teach his men to be strong. As well as Henry leading his troops to war, he is one to never give up. …show more content…

We are a band of brothers, If you have “no stomach “ you must not go into battle with me (Shakespeare). Henry is giving a speech to his soldiers and he is using emotions to touch their heart. “We will not die in that man's company that fears his fellowship to die with us (Shakespeare).” This text shows that Henry knows how to lead his troops to war and he knows how to get them to have bravery and do what they have learned while being in battle. Furthermore, Henry knows that while he is king he has to lead his country to a victory over the French men of 20,000

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