King Henry's Use Of Ethos Pathos Logos

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Focusing on delivery and rhetoric will produce a good speech, but incorporating ethos, pathos, and logos will unequivocally construct a speech that no one can be at odds with. Henry’s speech appropriately integrates ethos, pathos, and logos. Henry’s entire speech employs ethos. Since he is the king, he should be an expert at taking care of his men, and he should know how to lead men into battle using whatever technological advantages he can provide (Shakespeare). Using his powers of leadership, he encourages his troops to put up the fight of their lives by stating that they will “close up the wall with our English dead” if they lose. As well as encouraging, he has also trained his archers and provided them with swords and axes. Additionally, Henry has to express pathos, in other words emotion. …show more content…

To have a strong-minded team you have to show a lot of emotion so they know that you’re understanding and boost team morale(Shakespeare). Using emotion, he tells his troops that their bond is as strong as brotherhood by stating that “we in it shall be remembered- [w]e few, we happy few, we band of brothers.” Furthermore. that statement implies that they will be remembered, and through those afflictions, they had the bonds of brothers. Equally important, Henry’s speech also consists of logos. Henry’s speech also consists of logos. Being the king, he should be able to state step-by-step instructions explicitly and clearly. He demonstrates that they should “[d]isguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage” to be ostentatious and be a threat to the opposing troops. Using logos, the troops were prepared to fight and win as they knew what to do(Shakespeare). With the evidence we are given, we can imply that troops were given step-by-step instructions and were ready as they knew what to do. Without instructions you won’t know what to do, and when you don’t know what to do everything will result in

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