King Heracles: A Tragic Hero

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Heracles was son of of Zeus god of thunder & ruler of the gods and princess Alcmene Heracles was born into a noble family because his mom princess Alcmene was granddaughter of Perseus & Andromeda. Zeus all ready had a wife Hera goddess of olympia, hera was very jelly (jealous) of Zeus making love with Alcmene.So in anger she sent two spotted serpents to come and kill Heracles ,who was in the cradle at that time. Heracles was found holding two dead serpents in his hand laughing he killed them by his very strong body.Heracles was very powerful, maybe too powerful which often got him into trouble . Like one time Heracles was learning how to play the lyre, His teacher Linus scolded him for playing it wrong so Heracles got very mad and hit Linus on the the head with lyre a little to hard that he accidentally killed him.Heracles was to strong to let live in the…show more content…
While Heracles was a shepherd he killed all the animals and monsters that tried to eat the sheep. Until one day he came back to the kingdom and the nearby king gave him his daughter to have as a wife, Hera didn’t like this at all and made Heracles think that his children and wife were monsters so Heracles killed them all. Awaking heracles became horrified and went to the oracle of Delph to atone to his crimes the oracle said “you must serve your cousin Eurystheus, king of Mycenae as a slave for ten years and perform ten labors for him.” Eurystheus liked this idea a lot because he was jealous of his strong cousin. The first labor was to kill a golden lion that no weapon could penetrate his mane, second one was two kill the poisonous hydra, third one was to kill a magical boar, fourth one was to get rid of deadly birds, the fifth one was to clean the stables of giant horses, sixth one was to get a belt from an amazon queen, seventh one was to get 4 deadly mares, eighth one was to catch fire breathing bull, ninth one was to get a sacred hide from artemis. For the 10 labor he was sent to get 5 red cows which he

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