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Oedipus the King Throughout the passage of time, many authors have done their best to convey a certain message within their novels or plays. In the ancient Greek play of Oedipus the king, there are multiple messages that the reader can interpret; however, the creator of the Oedipus play, Sophocles, had a specific message portrayed through the protagonist. He conveyed his message through the irony and tragic flaw of given protagonist. Furthermore, this allowed to give structure to his work by then providing a demise of the main character which in this case was Oedipus. As i mentioned before, the play of Oedipus the king does indeed have various messages that can be concluded from reading the play. Although it has several themes and…show more content…
The prophecy states that he killed his father and that he married his mother. Oedipus, now concerned and worried of the situation, believes that all of these accusations are false. That being said, we observe his tragic flaw of pride in action. However, Oedipus still continues to pursue the murderer of king Laius and accomplish justice for the people of Thebes. As the story starts to conclude, he finds out that his actual parents could be Laius and his wife Jocasta. Even though he is aware that the truth would bring terrible news, he proceeds with the search of justice. The story has an ironic ending from what it started as for Oedipus. I believe he did not have control of his destiny. However, i think that his tragic flaws did lead him from a hero to a tragic hero even though he did have an honest pursuit of justice. His characteristics formed his way of thinking and taking action. Regardless of the prophecy placed on him he was willing to get to the truth of the situation. From the start of the play to the end, we can observe that even though Oedipus had times where he was ignorant and clueless of his surroundings, he faced the possible consequences like a good man would. His pursue of justice was honest throughout the entire play. His stance on justice for the people of Thebes allowed the story to have a structure that involved a tragic hero falling into his

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