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Critique Favorite King James Text
Psalm 23

In the studies that we have been doing, we have learned about several texts that are from the King James Bible. This Psalm came from the book of psalms, which was a section of the old testament composed of 150 songs. This poem that I have choosen as my favorite is often used at funerals, in times of trouble and when people are in need of a lot of comfort. I have chosen this psalm for three main reasons. The first one being that he puts his faith in his lord, the second being that he is confident in christ, and the third one being how christ has saved him even though he is a siner.
To begin, in Psalm 23 the shepherd puts his faith in the lord. King James is the shepherd and he begins the text, “The lord is my shepherd.” He in this text is saying that he is the sheep basically and that the lord is the one who takes care of him. The deeper meaning to this is saying the christ is the shepherd for all, and the people that he chooses to care for are his sheep. The shepherd is the provider and the protector of his sheep. That is why King James sees the lord as his shepherd/protector. All of the sheep become helpless without their shepherd (lord). The deepest meaning to this section of the psalm is known as the human king being sinful when we do not have god
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King James then explains in the text on page 299, “I shall not want.” The meaning to this is saying that as he is in christ’s care, ( as a sheep), that he is very confident that he lacks nothing. I like the way that this psalm explaining life, because it says that he is putting god and god’s way of life first and above all. I strongly believe this is the way of life because you need to have god first, because god was the one that put you on this earth to begin with. He uses, “Green-Pastures, and Still- Waters” as a blessed thing in his life, which goes to show how great god really is to be
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