King Jeremiah's Journey

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Prince Jeremiah was born with unbelievable power and speed. Jeremiah could move as fast as the speed of light and lift thousands of pounds at the age of six. His father Noah was the King of York City and was a noble warrior himself with marvelous power! King Noah was the greatest warrior that York city had ever encountered after defeating neighboring countries by himself trying to take over York City. But now there was a new challenge set before him. Ten years had passed since York City had encountered any conflicts with any neighboring countries or monsters, until one day Venice a enormous black haired gorilla with sharp yellow teeth attacked York City. Venice crushed houses jumping on them like they were trees, and grabbed people throwing…show more content…
So King Noah and his twelve prophets who were his greatest soldiers went out to the near jungle where Venice lived to face this menacing monster. Venice lived in a dark cave with vines all over and inside the…show more content…
“It 's my time to now take on the beast that killed my father. God has blessed me with a lot of ability and it 's time to use it. Tomorrow morning I will travel to the jungle and take on Venice by MYSELF and I will return back glorious.” The next morning King Jeremiah traveled to the Jungle to face Venice. King Jeremiah slowly walked into the cave and there sat Venice staring straight at Jeremiah. Venice lunged at Jeremiah but King Jeremiah used his super speed to run behind Venice and pick up a Humongous stone throwing it at Venice trapping his legs. King Jeremiah then jumped in the air ready to thrash Venice throat with his powerful fist but was caught out of the air. Venice caught King Jeremiah squeezing the life out of him until suddenly King Jeremiah broke out and thrashed Venice in his chest puncturing his heart. Venice soon died quickly after and King Jeremiah carried his body back to York City for everybody to witness for themselves! King Jeremiah soon became a hero and anyone who doubted him never doubted him again. For everyone in the city it was quick to see that sixteen year old Jeremiah was brave and noble enough to be
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