King Kamehameha In Hawaiian History

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King Kamehameha was a very important part of Hawaiian history. Kamehameha was the first king to rule all of the Hawaiian Islands. He went through sweat, blood and tears to get where he was. He was just a nephew of Kalaniopu’u which was the ruler of Hawai’i when his journey to greatness began. It all started when Kalaniopu’u was dying and Kiwala’o, his son, was heir to the throne. That’s when Kamehameha had his bold move, which lead him to be an effective, helpful and wise leader. King Kamehameha was an effective leader because he was wise. For example, Kamehameha placed a kapu on the Sandalwood trees during the Sandalwood Trade, so that no one could cut down the young Sandalwood trees so they could grow and flourish. This lead for Hawaiian Sandalwood to not go extinct (26). This example happened after the unification of the Hawaiian Islands. This moment was good because King Kamehameha showed his people how much of an…show more content…
When Kamehameha was crowned King, his land was torn to shreds for all of the wars that took place. So he got down on his hands and knees, and help his men put it back together (23). This was an example that changed after the unification. This was good because he was being a good role model, and showing that he is not a king that lets his men do everything for him, and that he loves to help. Kamehameha is an effective, strong, helpful, and wise leader. He would always try to do what's best for his people. He is helpful and wise, which makes him even more special. From the time when he helped with the war torn land (23), to when he would place kapu’s (26), he was an amazing leader. Hawaii wouldn’t be the same without King Kamehameha. Without him, who knows, maybe the Hawaian Islands would still have separate leaders, and maybe wouldn’t be a part of America. All I know is that, i’m grateful for King Kamehameha, and everything that he did, because Hawaii wouldn’t be the same without
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