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King Kamehameha Among the great islands of Hawaii there was a prophecy foretold by one of the highest ranking Kapunas. This Kapuna stated that when a comet lit the Hawaiian sky, that year a baby boy would be born, and this baby would be the one to move the great Naha stone that sat on the Hilo side of the Big Island, and he would be the killer of kings and finally unite the Hawaiian island chain under one throne. Thus the year Halley’s comet made an appearance over the Hawaiian islands in the year 1758 a boy named Kamehameha was born on the big island whose named translated as “the lonely one”. Upon Kamehameha’s secret birth, he was taken into hiding immediately, other kings have already anticipated the prophecy and sent…show more content…
But Ikuwa was a time when the Ali’i went about the land calling for taxes, and it is a hard month climatically speaking, the weather is full of thunder and surf builds. Naeole was very wise to change the young Kamehameha’s mind of taking his attempt to move the stone during the month of Welehu which is the month that holds Makahiki, it’s a time of fun, celebration, and relaxation. Finally the time has come for the young giant in Kamehameha to take his turn at the Naha stone and prove that he is the one to fulfill the great prophecy. Staring down the massive Naha stone, the Kapuna’s of the land were eager for a human sacrifice, that would be Kamehameha if he failed. Looking deeply in the eyes of Naeole, Kamehameha read the message sent by his teacher “GO!” Kamehameha sized up the great stone looking for a good firm spot on it, where he would have the most easiest leverage. Walking to the side where he passed the squarish bodied kahuna, he found that this side was slimmer and perhaps lighter, so therefore it 's probably much more tractable for his heaving efforts. He decided to glance around, only to see that he drew a hefty crowd of Maka`ainana and higher ranking Hawaiians. Saying a prayer in his head to the great Hawaiian God Lono, and began his attempt. At first is was not moving at all, he kept looking up after a few attempts to only notice Naeole running towards him as if…show more content…
1780, Kalani`opu`u king of the big island and kamehameha`s uncle, met with his chiefs who helps run the island kingdom, one of those chiefs was Kamehameha. Kalani`opu`u, close to death of old age had told them that after his death Kalani`opu`us eldest son would be the new king. Kiwala’o, now king divided up the lands of the Big Island thus leading to trouble. Kamehameha lived in Kohala and agreed to become the leader of the windward side of the island, he had his own crew of chiefs who remained loyal to only to Kamehameha. By the division of lands by King kiwala`o stirred up problems, and led to a battle. The battle was called “The battle of Moku`ohai”. In this fierce battle Kiwala`o was killed while wearing a big Hawaiian feathered cloak and since Kamehameha won the battle the cloak belonged to him. The big island was now divided among the three kingdoms (1) Kamehameha- King of Kona, Kohala and northern Hamakua. (2) Keoua- King of Ka`u and parts of Puna (3) Keawema`uhili- King of Hilo and parts of Puna and Lower Hamakua. Before uniting all the islands and completely fulfilling the prophecy Kamehameha had to conquer his home island, he failed nine years straight. Still not able to conquer his home island, the young King took his tactics and went to Maui for a practice battle. Invading King Kalanikupule on the side of Maui which he ruled, upon winning the
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