King Khufu's Great Pyramids

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The mystery of how The Great Pyramids were built 4,600 years ago in Giza, have been questioned for centuries and is a common unknown phenomenon. However, a recent discovery has expanded our knowledge on how they were possibly built and the life of the workers themselves in the article: Standing Tall: Egypt’s Great Pyramids written by Jose Miguel Parra. The Greek philosopher Herodotus has expressed his theories on King Khufu’s pyramid who in which was the second king of the fourth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. This National Geographic article has also new discoveries on how the workers were not slaves as we once thought but paid workers with roles, along with how the process of building each pyramid differed and was created by an “Inner step structure” (Parra par. 15). This is significant because it adds to what we know about the structure of the pyramids and the life of the builders who made this possible.
The ancient pyramid of King Khufu has helped archeologist reveal surprising facts of how the pyramids came to be built. It is a well-known fact that the great pyramid was
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The theories of how the pyramids were built and the discoveries of the life of an Egyptian gives us a new perspective on what it was like to be part of such an amazing creation such as The Great Pyramid. It leads to believe that although times were different they mirror our motivations for living. We have a culture that works hard to produce things we value in life while also gaining benefits to being part of a job. Although it was 4,600 years ago, the knowledge almost surpasses ours today. Although this is a debatable subject, the ideas of no technology and the ability to create things by man is remarkable. Which is no surprise to how Egyptians are known for their impressive marks they left behind on the land we live on

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