King Kong Essay

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1. The clip I chose is from the movie King Kong in 2005 ( In this scene, a woman is hired to play the part of Ann Darrow, whom Kong longs for, in a re-enactment of the sacrifice. The mere thought of seeing King Kong brought mass amount of people into the Alhambra Theater in New York. When the curtain rises to reveal Kong, the crowd sees a depressed Kong who is agitated at the fact that a woman is pretending to be Ann. Kong, chained up, becomes increasingly confused and frightened by the crowd and flashes of the cameras that he breaks free from the chains. He takes the Ann look alike and tosses her across the room while the rest of the audience run away in a frenzy. “The relative number of event details that occur within a brief clock time period constitutes event density” (Zettl, page 257).…show more content…
One’s eyes are drawn to Kong because he is a massive character but one’s eyes can’t help but wonder what everyone else in the scene things. “The relative energy and significance we perceive about an event is a measure of event intensity” (Zettl, page 258). In this movie clip, the stampede of people running away from Kong’s escape is a perfect example of event intensity; “we perceive the event as moving faster than a comparable low-energy event” (Zettl, page 259). Finally, “the condition of experience intensity refers to the number of relevant experiences we go through either simultaneously or in rapid succession and the relative depth or impact such events have on us” (Zettl,page 259). I don’t think many people have experienced a colossal ape breaking free from chains and attacking but, similar (yet VERY different) situations such as running away from costumed people at Halloween Horror Nights or from a friend while playing tag could be
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