King Krieger Research Paper

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Once there was a crow. The world recognized him as Krieger. By far not the last of his kind, this crow was one of many. Although this crow, out of all of his brothers, comrades, and long-forgotten ancestors, stood as the most distinguished of all birds. His nation, the Aves Monarchy, recognized him as a skilled tactician, proving himself through many wars and triumphs. Conversely, in times of peace he demonstrated his compassion through accomplishing for the poor, the selfish, and the unjust exactly what he would do for himself. Krieger spared no expense for his citizens and strangers alike, guiding them through drought, starvation, and combat. As a result, he earned not only their devotion, but the trust of the world as well. Society recalled him as courageous and wise, as he discerned when to lay his life in battle and when to lay down his talons instead. Krieger, through all of his accolades, remained no vainer than the next. He…show more content…
Fifty years ago, the Immortal King Chol, King of the Aves Monarchy, decided to create a new kingdom of birds. This new kingdom would join other established kingdoms, such as Cissa, the Kingdom of Magpies and Grips, the Kingdom of Vultures. Soon the crows, ravens, and jackdaws would become the new family of Corvus, and King Chol planned Krieger to lead it. King Chol stayed knowledgeable of Krieger’s accolades, as Chol watched him evolve from a fledgling into the illustrious crow he appreciated him as. As the Immortal Phoenix King Chol commanded his leadership, Krieger seemed destined for the position. Nevertheless, Mörder, a fellow crow, had other plans. In some circles, Mörder distinguished himself as abundantly as Krieger, although, others regarded him as far less compassionate. Never would he disrespect another avian or shamelessly murder anyone, but unlike Krieger, Mörder did not have a problem disobeying orders. Even if those commands originated from King
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