King Lear Analysis

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The play King Lear was written by the famed William Shakespeare circa 1600’s. This play was performed in many other countries, and watched on big screen. The Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas presented King Lear as part of their 40th Anniversary. King Lear, father of three maidens namely Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, and ruler of a kingdom is now waxed old. He wanted to divide his kingdom among his daughters and asks them to proclaim their love for him and will make it as a basis in each daughter’s share of the kingdom. Cordelia, the youngest and the adored daughter of Lear brought her father to fury when she expressed her love in plain words in comparison with her two other sisters who used gratifying words to flatter the King. Enraged, King Lear disowned her and each of the remaining daughters had an equal share of the kingdom that led to jeopardizing events in the place. The DUP averted from the European setting. It depicted a Southeast Asian Kingdom showing its different heritage such as the costumes that added colors and vibrance to the play but illustrates the similarities of the Southeast Asian garments. This showed in the Thai costumes of the sisters, Goneril and Regan that showed and made them more look evil and cunning. Cordelia’s Chinese-Malaysian outfit made her more fragile in a way that she looks soft, sincere, and vulnerable from any vile forces that will come to her. Though inspired by different countries, the costumes seemed unified and appropriate for each
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