Analysis Of King Lear: Nothing Will Come Of Nothing By William Shakespeare

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In the play " King Lear" by William Shakespeare, another famous quote of thousands is spoken..."Nothing will come of nothing". If this is true, why is William Shakespeare even credited for this quote as well as approximately 38 plays and 154 sonnets when he did not write them? Over the last two centuries, a plethora of individuals around the world have been investigating this matter in hopes of unfolding the truth of the writer behind Shakespeare 's works. Shakespeare 's father, John Shakespeare was a shoemaker
William Shakespeare was born around April 23, 1564 which would be May 23, 1564 on today’s Gregorian calendar. His father, John Shakespeare was a shoemaker and his mother, Mary Shakespeare was a heiress. There are no records of his education,
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With his training as a lawyer, his frequent travels to France and Italy, and having such high-class roles these attributes could explain how detailed the writing of the plays were when it came to the setting, royal discussions, and legal conflicts. Countless numbers of people have studied his biography closely and found many parallels between his life in court and characters and events in Shakespeare. For example, when the pirates kidnapped Edward de Vere they left him naked on the shore of Denmark and in Hamlet, Hamlet describes himself as “set naked” in the kingdom after he encounters buccaneers. Another theory from Hamlet is that the inspiration behind the character Polonius was Lord Burghley, who was a trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth I who in this would inspire the character Queen Gertrude. This interpretation would also suggest that Polonius’s daughter Ophelia is Lord Burghley’s daughter, Anne, who was the wife of none other than Edward de Vere. An additional reason why de Vere may be the real Shakespeare is that after Shakespeare 's death, Edward de Vere’s family financed the publication of the First Folio in 1623.
In conclusion, something, being Shakespeare 's status as a literary giant came of nothing, being the lack of work put into these many pieces. Both William Stanley and Edward de Vere show high potentials of being the brain behind Shakespeare’s work and based off of the research conducted one may presume that Edward de Vere is most likely the true Shakespeare. William Stanley is a great candidate, but compared to Edward de Vere there were not many connections between the

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