King Lear Sacrifice In Oedipus The King

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In the novel king lear sacrifices many things , love, family and power to name a few. All these things are examples of kings lear's values , which everyone should up hold to the greatest of their extent. In the beginning king lear is at the point of retirement a he is forced to spit the crown because he has no rightful male heir. He then ask his three daughters to tell him how much they each love each him. The two oldest sisters looked for nothing but riches , they filled the king with fake appreciation and lust in order to obtain the family's wealth. On the contrary the youngest and most humble sister tells him that she loves her father just enough as he does.This is where the theme of sacrifice all begins. The youngest daughter Cordelia sacrifices all her wealth and power, she does it because she upheld her morals and did not lie to his father. She left home because she was not going to lose her dignity by marrying someone who only wanted money. Lastly she sacrificed her power to live a common yet satisfying life.…show more content…
She sacarficed her power and wealth by being honest to her father. She told king lear that she loved him , she did not exaggerate by comparing her love to him from the moon and back. She was honest about her feelings and what did it get her? It got her a one way ticket out of the family. The relation between Lear and Cordelia was a dramatic expression of true, self-sacrificing affection. Instead of having hate for her father for banishing her, Cordelia stayed true, even though she wasn't with him, and with time brings an army from france to aid him from his harassers. Lear, in the meantime, learns a huge and bad lesson in being humble and eventually gets to the point where he can go back to being reconciled with Cordelia and experience the sensation of her forgiving
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