King Lear Seminar Response

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King Lear Seminar Response
1. During the seminar on William Shakespeare’s play King Lear a statement I agreed with was when Victoria spoke. Victoria argued that point four “Given what Edmund was born into, his actions are understandable.” Victoria explained Edmund, Edgar and Gloucester situation and the constant mistreat Edmund received from Gloucester and said that no matter what a person does to you, feel whatever you want, but it is wrong to act upon the negative feelings. For example, Edmund plotted against Edgar and Gloucester and spun a lie that Edgar wanted to kill Gloucester and sent Edgar away to fuel his plan. I agreed with Victoria because I feel that no matter what a person does whether it be harming a family member or stealing you never should act with violence or hatred as it will not solve the issue. This is why I agreed with Victoria.

1. During the King Lear seminar a statement I disagreed with was when McKenzie argued that Ran was a poor adaptation and that it didn’t capture King Lear’s spirit. McKenzie explained that The Fool’s over dramatic nature, the fact that the children were boys, the exclusion
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During the seminar a statement made by Nick Baldwin made me rethink my stance on point four regarding whether Edmund’s actions were reasonable or not. Nick has four siblings including Hailey in our class and he explained that with his experience if he and his father called Hailey a bastard everyday saying that because she didn’t have the same mom she was less than the rest of the children. When I first looked at the statement I examined it and right away followed my own biases and said disagree because it is wrong no matter what to act with violence. Nick made me reexamine my thoughts and realize that I do not have experience of a blended family and cannot assume what it would feel like to be called a bastard every day. I still stand by my point that it is wrong to act the way Edmund did but I can somewhat understand where Edmund was coming
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