King Lear: The Fool

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The “Fool” exhibits personality traits similar to a young child; he is extremely blunt and has no filter. He is not afraid to speak what is exactly on his mind, saying “Why, after I have cut the egg I’ th’ middle and eat / up the meat, the two crowns of the egg…gav’st away / both parts” (1.4.165). He is laid-back about the matter while King Lear’s outrage grows because he is losing his power. The Fool holds no remorse when frustrating him even more which allows him to get into Lear’s head. Maybe the fool is right to an extent but he has made King Lear stubborn towards his daughters which is the exactly where he loses himself. He is old and needs to retire his throne but the Fool doesn’t allow him to accept it on those terms. He gave away his
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