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Leo was first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century.Leo is one of the oldest constellations in the sky.Here 's a picture of this constellation.The Leo 's creation myth is interesting and confusing as well. The story of this constellation is typically attributed to an ancient story of Hercules (Greek mythology) and his 12 trials.In the first of his trials Hercules (Greek mythology) is tasked with finding and killing the the Nemean Lion an enormous and powerful lion whose hide is impenetrable. Hercules doesn 't know this however and shoots the Nemean Lion with arrows, which do nothing but make it really, really mad. Being Hercules, he decides to make a mad dash at the Nemean Lion rather than run away. The lion runs…show more content…
Long story short, Hercules blocks off an entrance, rushes into the cave, hits the Nemean Lion over the head with his club hard enough to stun it, then proceeds to choke it to death with his bare hands.In order to prove his victory, Hercules is supposed to bring the pelt of the Nemean Lion back to King…show more content…
Hercules tries to cut the pelt off the lion 's body before realizing that it 's still impenetrable. After trying a few different tactics, he finally figures out that the only thing that can cut the skin of the Nemean Lion is its own claws. Eventually he is able to use the claws to skin the lion. He brings the pelt back to Eurystheus but ends up keeping it to use as his own personal armor.Hera (Greek mythology) has essentially played "Godmother" to most of Greek myth 's great monsters, including the nemean lion It was Hera who first begged Gaia and Tartarus to create the god/monster Typhon, who happens to be the Nemean Lion 's father. Some legends say that Hera or Selene the moon goddess had nursed the Nemean Lion, but regardless of whether or not you take that literally, Hera has connections to the Nemean Lion more so than Zeus. Plus, the Nemean Lion is named as such because Hera, angry at Zeus, sent it to Nemea to live, where there just so happens to be a shrine to Zeus. Thus anyone wanting to worship Zeus would have to get through a gigantic, almost indestructible lion first.That said, it makes sense that Hera (Greek mythology), who sent the Lion to Nemea in the first place, took pity on the creature (or perhaps felt guilty) for it getting hunted down and killed and allowed it to live between the stars, next to Selene, the moon

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