King Leonidas: The King Of Sparta

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“Our Trachinian friend brings us excellent tidings. If the Medes darken the sun, we shall have our fight in the shade.” One of the most famous quotes from King Leonidas, 480 BC. Leonidas best warrior King ever to walk the earth. Leonidas King of Sparta from 490 BC to 480 BC due to his death in Thermopylae.

Leonidas did not grow up pampered like a king, he was born into the world as a normal child since he was not the heir to the throne. Leonidas had to attend the compulsory Agoge a Spartan training course which in order to qualify as a Spartan citizen you had to complete, Leonidas was one of the few Spartan rulers to complete the training course. Leonidas eventually became a military leader and also a political leader of Sparta.

Leonidas was well known throughout Greece as a military commander before he became king of Sparta, Leonidas also participated in the Battle of Sepeia that was fought between the Spartans and the Argos moreover he even fought in the first Persian war which was led by king Darius the 1st, father of Xerxes, furthermore it was Leonidas who led the Spartans and an efficient general.
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Leonidas’s brother Dorieus dies while exploring distant lands on many adventures like Libya and
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