King Leopold Ghost Summary

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PROFESSOR. ALAN SPECTOR King Leopold ghost The story King Leopold’s ghost is a story of how the King used forced labor in Africa, so as to produce food for his own country. The story begins with a young man by the name Morel who works for a local shipping company as a supervisor at the port of Antwerp. From his observation he noticed that the ships from Africa always came loaded with rubber and also ivory, but the ships that departed from the port left with soldiers and also arms. From his observation he realized that there was no trade that was taking place between the Belgium Africa. When Morel realized that King Leopold was using slaves to produce goods for his own benefit, he began his trip around the world to mobilize the people in the fight against forced labor. Morel’s efforts became the first ever human rights lobby group in the twentieth century. The book written by Adam Hochschild, tackles various issues during the slave period. In his work the author brings out various themes in the first half of the book.
Hochschild brings out King Leopold’s greed by detailing how he cheats
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The first white explorers who came to Africa then went back to their countries with books telling of their adventures became instant celebrities. The desire for fame drove many explorers to venture deep into Africa; all in a bid of trying to go further than the other explorer had done. Explorers such as Stanley made a lot of money by printing every detail of his exploration. Some whites who were not recognized in their own countries came to Africa to serve as station masters, soon realized that they could wield some sort of power over the Africans. The author gives examples of people such as Leon Rom who was not recognized much in his own country, but eventually became very powerful in
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