King Louie Mistakes

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King louie made crucial mistakes in reiging his kingdom, this resulted in the death of him and his wife. Some of the steps he could have taken to stop this problem were so simple, yet he did not take them. Some of his mistakes include, but are not limited to: Taxes, His wife, and sadly enough, himself. His first problem, taxes, would have been an easy fix. Taxes were outrageously high and idiotic in the way they were collected. Taxes were collected from local nobles and supposed to be take up through a chain of command to the king. Peasants had to pay a land tax to the state, and a small income tax to the state ("Causes of the French"). To no surprise, quite a bit of money was embezzled, people still had to live. And the small income they got from tax collecting was not enough, and the money they could…show more content…
Marie was hated by all of the french people, she was even named Madame Déficit by them. This hatred was a problem as she is a very important public figure. She was seen by the people as a problem, the person who spent all of the government funds on her lifestyles. She was known for her extravagant hairstyles, and ignorance to the suffering of people. She is often misquoted, saying “Let them eat cake”. This quote shows how ignorant she is to how the people live, she thinks that everyone eats and has privileges like her. Rumors such as these were widely spread through a historical essay on her, which was widely oppressed by the government (Shephard et al. 100-111). With the people knowing that the government, didn't want the people to know what she had done, she was hated even more (Shephard et al. 100-111). By this time the damage had been done, rumors blew up, saying that Marie had wasted 1.6 million livres on a necklace (Shephard et al. 100-111). Without the support of her people, she brought down the king's reputation, and this combined with an already unstable revolution brewing is a recipe for
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