King Louis XIV: The King Of France

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Louis XIV was the King of France, whose full name was Louis de Bourbon (Bernard, L.L). He was born on September 5th 1638 and died at the age of 77 on September 1st 1715 (Bernard, L.L). Louis de Bourbon had a Catholic education where he was taught how to be a king (Louis XIV). He lived an unideal childhood where he almost faced death from the smallpox he contracted. He also came across the civil war at a young age where he saw the extremes of the war (Louis XIV). In his life, he was to marry Maria-Theresa of Spain to secure peace between both countries (Louis XIV). Although he was married, he fell in love with Maria Mancini who was in a lower class. He was forbidden to have any thoughts of marriage with her (Louis XIV). When he was finally
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