King Odysseus: An Epic Hero

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Odysseus an Epic hero

Odysseus is the son of the King of Ithaca Laertes. As he grew up he was taught combat skills. When Odysseus was old enough to take over his father Laertes let him rule Ithaca. Laertes passed away later after Odysseus became king of Ithaca. As he ruled Ithaca Odysseus began to think about marriage. he desired Helen princess of Sparta. However, Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Queen Leda therefore, she was immortal. After Helen chose a husband Zeus made the suitors swear to defend the marriage rights of Menelaus. However, Odysseus eventually married Penelope Helen 's cousin. They later had a child who they named Telemachus. Later after Telemachus grew older Odysseus fought in the Trojan War and set off on a journey
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