King Of Rock: Michael Jackson, The King Of Rock

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29th, 1958. Since his death he still manages to astonish and elude us. Since his death it has become increasingly hard to contextualize Jackson’s legacy as one of the most biggest and most controversal pop stars. Michael Jackson is the greatest legacy because his music and story lives on, he had the greatest pop songs, and he had his own signature move “Moonwalk”. Michael Jackson knew how to get a crowd going and a party jumping. He was the light of his fan’s day and he showed a lot of emotion in what he wrote. Michael wrote “I will not do interviews, I will be magic, I will be a perfectionists, a researcher, a trainer, a masterer. I will study and look back on the whole world of entertainment and perfect…show more content…
Michael Jackson produced over 50 songs and they all expressed how he felt, and most of the time he was cheerful and happy expecially when he wrote the song “The Way you Make Me Feel” he was very cheerful and I think that’s what most people loved about him. He was the most nicest person ever and he liked to express his feelings a lot. His songs showed his emotions and I think that he liked showing the way he felt in his music I know that he loved dancing. He loved the “Moonwalk” because that was his signature move. He had just released “Off The Wall” and was on the Destiny tour with his brothers. Some of Jackson’s music was sometimes about a girl like “The Way You Make Me Feel” or “Billie Jean” and he felt many emotions throughout those songs. Michael Jackson was well know for his signature move the “Moonwalk” he does it all the time and everyone loves it. The moonwalk became famous after Michael Jackson used it for his signature move. Michael Jackson brought the moonwalk to life after his first performance. Michael Jackson had a lot of love for his fans, he loved to hear them cheer him on and he loved performing for them. The moonwalk looked effortless, but you know it was hard. The moonwalk was just a thing that Michael did to interest his fans even more than they already
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