King Pelias Movie Comparison

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There are many similarities and differences in the film and book versions of "Jason and The Argonauts". Starting at the very beginning, there is a major part of the story that differs the film version, which is the birth of Jason. In the film, the point of view is of Pelias and his plan to overthrow the Kingdom of Iolcus. This helps set the exposition since it reveals the antagonistic traits of King Pelias. In the story, it describes Jason 's side of the story on how his mother pretended that Jason was already dead. Along the way, Jason has different helpers. In the film, the Olympian Hera will help Jason five different times, which usually involves answering questions. The story portrays the witch Medea as the aide, helping Jason with his three tasks and escaping the treachery and anger of King Aetes of Colchis. The film and the story had…show more content…
The two pieces had the same prophecy, where the man with one sandal would kill King Pelias. Although the way Jason ended up with one sandal on his foot contradicts between the two (Jason carried an old lady in the story and the actual King Pelias in the film), this helps in understanding the plot. Other similar points include Medea falling in love with Jason, Medea betraying her father, killing the Titan Talos by his ankles (his main weakness), and obtaining the Golden Fleece. These are the main plot points that parallel the works. Minor details include dragon teeth generating warriors, Harpies disturbing King Phineus, and the Golden Fleece in the shape of a ram. However, even these similarities have their own interpretations. For example, the film states the Argonauts encounter Talos before capturing the Golden Fleece, where the story states they come across after their journey to Colchis. The people who killed Talos varies on top of that; Jason kills Talos in the movie Medea kills Talos in the
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