King Philip II Sacrifice

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King Phillip II of Macedonia was held as a hostage while he was young in the leading city of Greece at the time, Thebes. While being held hostage there Philip received both a military and diplomatic education. Philip returned to Macedonia in 364 BC and took the throne due to the deaths of his older brothers in 359 BC. Philip’s great military skills allowed him to use diplomacy to push back the Paionians and Thracians and also allowed him to dominate the three-thousand hoplites in 359 BC. In 338 BC the Battle of Chaeronea allowed King Philip to unify all of Greece, excluding Sparta. Phillip created the League of Corinth in 337 BC in which the members agreed to not go to war with one another unless it was to halt a revolution. King Philip was…show more content…
The Thebans soon revolted after his assassination, it was then when his son Alexander the Great who quickly took control of the throne and halted the Thebans revolt, burning their city Thebes to the ground. Alexander then looked at the rest of the world and only two years later did he cross Hellespont into Asia and defeat Darius III of Persia in the Battle of Issus. This victory further pushed King Philip’s plan to get revenge on the Persians for their acts in the Peloponnesian Wars and to also take control of Asia. By the time it was 332 BC Alexander had conquered Egypt and found the city of Alexandria which he named after himself. Alexander then went to Mesopotamia where he, once again, defeated Darius III. He then marched into Babylon and Susa with no resistance at all. Alexander’s main objective was India, due to him believing that if he crossed it, he would find the ocean, which would then be used as an easy way to go home. In 326 BC Alexander and his men finally reach the Indian Punjab, and under Alexander’s leadership he was able to march his army over eleven thousand miles without being defeated once. All while destroying empires, founding his own cities and most importantly creating the largest empire the world has ever
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