King Ramses Accomplishments

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King Ramses the 2nd was known as the 'Keeper of Harmony and Balance, Strong in Right, Elect of Ra’. Ramses lived till he was 90, which was incredible long for that time period. King Ramses also had a very long dynasty and he was the third pharaoh in the 19th dynasty. Not only was Ramses known for lasting years and years he also helped Egypt with many architectural accomplishments. King Ramses had many accomplishments but probably what he was the most known for his architectural achievements some example of what he has done is the Ramesseum which is a “memorial temple” that is located in Thebes. Ramses also built the temples of Abu Simbel which are two rock temples these temples are carved out of the mountainside they were made as a lasting…show more content…
That is incredible considering most pharaohs didn 't make it past 50. Pharaohs like Akhenaten early 30s, Tutankhamun 18,Siptah 16, Seti I 40, Smenkhkare 18-21, Hatshepsut 50, Amenhotep III mid 30s, and Thutmose III 54. King Ramses had ruled for exactly 66 years which is longer than all those pharaohs lived for. King Ramses had a huge military impact for Egypt. King Ramses lead an enormous army for that time. Egypt 's army at that time was 100,000 people strong and with that army he conquered many people that had taken Egypt land from previous pharaohs. Ramses managed to fend off full force attacks from the Hittites and Nubian 's. Ramses restored Egypt to what it had been before and made peace treaties that they had been at war with for years. Ramses was able to do all of this military impact in his first 20 years as pharaoh. From this, we can conclude that King Ramses the ll was indeed a great man. Now why should you care? But what makes this statement special is that their are similarities in culture in with the Egyptians and modern day culture. From these we can conclude that the Egypt 's idea for a great man doesn’t just apply to Egypt, it shows that they thought of something in human nature that anyone could
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