King Ramses's Armed Forces In The Battle Of Kadesh

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The novel emphasizes the strategic military intervention of King Ramses, as he forms his armed forces to confront the powerful Hittite forces of the ancient world at the battle of Kadesh. Ancient Egypt and the Hittites are two neighbouring nations constantly at war due to their geographic proximity and relentless desire to expand their empire.The great King Ramses, son of King Seti was a warrior with charming attributes and strong decisions. Although he was not popular like his father, his commitment towards egypt aided him to protect his borders and establish peace. Despite the enemies outside Egypt and within Egypt, he managed to acquire the strength and stability necessary for his armies to advance successfully. Author Christian Jacq presented…show more content…
Kadesh is a Hittite territory known for influential trade centers and beautiful cities. The Hittite empire takes pride in each of their provinces; therefore the Hittite warriors have a natural instinct to widen their vast territory and increase connections across the ancient world. A battle held in a Hittite territory would signify greater advantages for them; however, King Ramses displayed exceptional courage and confidence, which led him towards the battle of Kadesh, even with the risk of terrible loss. Egypt functioned according to the law of Ma'at. Ma’at held Egyptian matters superior to anything; it required the king to execute laws for the prosperity Egypt.Therefore, King Ramses would not surrender even if Egypt dangled at the brink of defeat; he would fight till death and save the reputation to honor the proud gods and ancestors of Egypt.On the other hand, the Hittite empire was well known for their merciless military tactics and incessant ambition to conquer Egypt.Egypt would become an incredible addition to their array of vast

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