King Saint Stephen I Informative Speech

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1041 years ago, in Esztergom, a man now known as King Saint Stephen I of Hungary was born. His father was the Grand Prince of Géza and his mother, Sarolt, the daughter of Gyula of Transylvania. Stephen was the first king of Hungary and he used his power as king to impose his Christian values on the Hungarians because he believed it would help them live and work fearlessly. This fearlessness would help his military efforts.

King Saint Stephen I received many honors during his extensive life span. Stephen was born in 975 AD with the name Vajk, but, in 995 AD he was baptized by the 2nd bishop of Prague and re-named Stephen. The bishop who baptised him was named Saint Adalbert. Adalbert, who had converted Stephen’s father to Christianity was also responsible for Stephen’s religious education. Both Adalbert and Stephen’s tutor Theodatus put an extra effort into Stephen’s education because they believed he could rule well with Christianity. He then became duke just two years later when his father died. As duke, Stephen was pronounced leader of the state and it’s army. Later, Stephen received the Insignia of Royalty and the Holy Crown of Hungary. Pope Silvester II crowed Stephen Hungary’s first king. Following tradition the ceremony took place on Christmas day 1000 AD. After Stephen himself passed in 1083 he was canonized and his son, Imre, was made a saint.
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When Stephen became duke in 997 AD he gained control of the state and it’s army. Stephen believed that by converting the Hungarians to Christianity, he could help them fight fearlessly. Fearlessness was an important aspect of Stephen’s military strategy. Everything he did as duke and later king was based off of unique ideas and it takes courage to differ from the
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