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10 days ago, the king’s son, Theseus has returned to the kingdom of Athens, Theseus has returned to help in the war but, the war was over, for the kingdom of Athens losing we have to hand over 7 men and 7 women to the king of Crete’s as sacrifice to feed the Minotaur each year, to save us from making sacrifice every year, Theseus left for Crete’s to slain the Minotaur, Theseus took the most dangerous path which was through land which has been blocked by bandits and robbers which will assist in his training, going through the land path and coming back alive is a great accomplishment in itself, the minotaur was found in a maze inside the kingdom of Crete’s close to the castles, and that’s where the battle took place, after defeating the Minotaur Theseus came back to the kingdom by ship because it would be faster to run away from King Minos men through the sea.…show more content…
If you want more information come to the poster board at the town square. Now the king of Athens “I am so happy that my sons back; I hope to see my wife again and to see how much my wife and son have changed, I never got the chance to learn about my son”. Nowadays the villagers are living in peace, and the king as went to the village where Theseus grew up to see his wife or the queen of Athens. Soon as the king comes back Theseus will be crowded king. Like I said before the full story of Theseus will be posted on the poster board at the town

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