King Tuat In Ancient Egypt

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In the news article, egyptologist one step close to finding queen nefertiti The search for the ancient egypt queen Neferneferuaten ( popular know nefertiti) which means beautiful women as come’ might be hidden in a secret chamber. Egypt’s antiquities minister said he is more than sure that a queen’s tomb is hidden behind King Tutankhamun’s final resting place says minister Mamdouh el-Damaty and Nicholas Reeves. Reeves theorize that King Tut ( Tutankhamun ) was rush to an chamber which was original Nefertiti tomb.King tut died at age 19. el-Damary has agreed but also says that whoever might be behind these walls is most likely to be Kia ,king tut mother. Researchers examined king tut’s tomb the images was revealed not at all natural the
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