King Tut In Ancient Egypt

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King tut was the 18th dynasty, before him his dad King Akhenaten was the ruler of ancient eygpt. He was also a Pharoh and the 18th dynasty. King Tut was most known for his tomb and his work as a pharoh. He was also one of the best Pharohs in Ancient Egypt. His Mothers name was Nefertiti, she was a famous Queen in ancient Egypt. King Tuts father also had a second wife and her name was Kiya. She was a foreign princesse that became and remained as King Akhenaten second wife. king tut was born in Circa in 1341. King tut was the 12th king,in power from 1361 B.C to when he died in 1352 B.C at the age of 18. His tomb let to unravel mysterys of his life and death and when they discovered his
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