King Tut: The Death Of King Tut

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King Tutankhamun was born in ancient egypt, in 1341. King tut died at the age of 19 in 1323. His burial was at KV62, Egypt. There are many theories of how king Tut died. He had an unknown death. Scientist have found many reasons/ theories of the mysterious disappearance. For example, one theory was he was too young to rule. Although there are variety reasons of how he died, the three possibilities I think could have happened was he got murdered, it was an illness, and he fell off of his chariot in the chariot race. One of my theories of how King Tut died was he was murdered. According to the text, it states, “It is believed that Aye understood the situation that surrounded King tut when he became pharaoh. How do we knew this? Well, Aye did in fact become pharaoh after Tut’s demise. Is it possible the elder advisor desired the throne so much that he would have killed for it?” This shows that it was that Aye wanted the throne so much that he would have killed King Tut. It was also shown that Aye knew that after the old pharaoh dies, an elder advisor would take in for the place of the throne. Another text evidence I found was, in the text, it expresses, “In fact, a piece of evidence was discovered in 1931 that makes it even more difficult to prove Aye’s innocence. A fing was discovered in Cairo that showed Aye married King Tut’s wife, Ankhesenamun, shortly after her husband’s untimely death. Could the two have worked together to kill King Tut? Not likely. Research shows
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