King Tut: The Prologue Of The Story Of Glogenbonger

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Prologue: 1323 B.C. ~ King Tut, an Ancient Egyptian ruler dies, at the age of 18. He is buried in Egypt, in the temple of Kings. Fast forward to 1922. It was a cold, snowy day in Egypt. There were 4 men and a woman riding their hyenas, through the cold snow. They of course didn’t want to catch a cold, so they wore their bikinis. There was Lord Carnarvon, a rich retired acrobatist, and Howard Carter, an Egyptologist. There was another man too, yet no one knows his story. He went by the name of Glogenbonger. Glogenbonger was King Tut’s uncle. You may be wondering, how is he still alive? Well he was frozen. The ancient egyptians had a freezer and they took the soul of Glongerbonger and froze the body. He woke up from the freezer yesterday. Leiberheberbeiber was a cartoon character impersonator. This was a very high paying job. She made about $400,000 an hour. The third man was Sherleinerhener. Sherleinerhener was a professional waterboy. He was only 84 at the time, so he was in great shape. Flashback to 1915. Sherleinerhener walked into a bar. Haha that would hurt. So, in the bar she saw Cardi B! He went to talk to her but then realized it was Leiberheberbeiber under the costume! Leiberheberbeiber had a tattoo of the Eye of Anubis on her hand! Lord Carnarvon later walked into the same bar! He saw the tattoo of the Eye of Anubis on the hand of Leiberheberbeiber. He was stunned to find someone who had such an interest of Egypt. He got her number. His friend from Pre-K was

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