King Tut: The Ancient Egyptian Ruler

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1323 B.C. ~ King Tut, an Ancient Egyptian ruler dies, at the age of 18. He is buried in Egypt, in the temple of Kings. Fast forward to 1922.
It was a cold, snowy day in Egypt. There were 4 men and a woman riding their hyenas, through the cold snow. They of course didn’t want to catch a cold, so they wore their bikinis. There was Lord Carnarvon, a rich retired acrobatist, and Howard Carter, an Egyptologist. There was another man too, yet no one knows his story. He went by the name of Glogenbonger. Glogenbonger was King Tut’s uncle. You may be wondering, how is he still alive? Well he was frozen. The ancient egyptians had a freezer and they took the soul of Glongerbonger and froze the body. He woke up from the freezer yesterday.
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He was a skeleton waiter and he carried a metal tray. He came over to Sherlenerheiner and Leiberheberbeiber and told them in a small voice “Why don’t y’all come sit down” They followed the waiter and sat at a clean table in another room. They saw tons of gold. Everywhere, the glint of gold. From what looked like another room emerged a golden figure, with a head of pure gold. They immediately recognized as Tutankhamun. They stared at him in awe then bowed before him. He sat down in the other chair. When he snapped his fingers, there was a loud noise coming from the entry room. It sounded as if something had fallen and then there was a grunt. Leiberheberbeiber went back to see what had happened. Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon had been sucked in too! They all greeted each other as Sherlenerhener wispered “It’s King Tut. He is alive and in the other room. Everything is pure gold!” The team went back and sat down at the table. They listened to King Tut’s story about how he was killed by his uncle, Glogenbonger. Sherlenerheiner got the whole thing on video. When King Tut told them to leave, he made them promise to never let anyone find his tomb, or else a curse would be released. They promised to do this, and let him rest in peace. He gave them each an item to remember him by. Sherlenerheiner got a watch. Leiberheberbeiber got a necklace, Lord Carnarvon got a mini sphinx statue, and Mr. Carter got a cup made of pure gold. They all went home, and never spoke
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