King Tutankhamun: How Did He Die?

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He ruled from 1332 b.c. at the age of 9 or 10 -- but his reign was uneventful, although he did restore the original Egyptian religion that his father, Akhenaten, replaced. He died in 1323 b.c, at age 19, and he disappeared from history, until his tomb was discovered in 1922, by Howard Carter, largely intact. They found that King Tutankhamun had a large hole in the back of his skull, and that made some believe that he was assassinated. But, the damage to his skull most likely occurred during the mummification process, after his death.

Then how did he die?

A CT scan was performed and it was found that he had a broken leg and a large chest wound. Some suggest he could have fallen off his chariot while hunting, but Professor Albert Zink, scientific

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