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King Tutankhamun, since the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter in 1922, has become a household name as it is the only complete Ancient Egyptian tomb to be found in tact, thus allowing for clear and intellectual information to be shared amongst the world of Archaeology. However, some may say that the events which occurred during his reign also impacted heavily upon his popularity. The following essay will discuss how the discovery of Tutankhamun’s complete tomb has resulted in the adoption of the name of ‘The Greatest Egyptian King’ as well as exploring how the events which happened during his rule could also result in the conception of this name.
As King Tutankhamun ascended the throne at such a young age, he was not trusted to make impactful
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As previously mentioned the name Tutankhamun was unknown to many, besides a select few including: Archaeologist Howard Carter and his patron Lord Canarvon. The search for the forgotten king’s tomb took over ten years to find, showing of how deep the tomb was in the Valley of Kings and how unmemorable the kings was that tomb robbers had not raided the tomb prior to its discovery (Source 2). Even though the tomb was first discovered in 1922, it was not until 1929 that excavation could commence. Source 5 shows of Howard Carter’s diary entries during the discovery of the tomb and all the events surrounding the discovery. The mass reaction of excitement by many seen in the diary shows of how this discovery was unfamiliar to many and a new experience finding not only an intact tomb but also in tact artefacts from the time, thus the start of mass publicity of the name King Tutankhamun began. The sheer amount of artefacts proves of Tutankhamun’s royal lineage. Publicity of the findings was released as soon as the discovery was made, as mentioned in Source 10. This finding has gone worldwide and been seen by many which thus creates awareness for a once forgotten king. The discovery of the tomb and the publicity which it has…show more content…
King Akhenaton, Tutankhamun’s father, was a very controversial king as he changed the belief systems of the Ancient Egyptians from a polytheistic belief to a monotheistic belief system, thus stirring up anger amongst many as the polytheistic belief system had existed in the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle for many years, therefore this created havoc for the king to come, Tutankhamun, who would have to repair this problem to restore peace amongst the people once more (Source 3). As previously mentioned, Tutankhamun’s early years of rule was controlled by viziers, however, later on he became independent and began to repair the religious beliefs which were put into place by his father. This therefore proves that Tutankhamun had the ability to be a good and prosperous king, if he had the ability to live a longer life. Tutankhamun, during his reign, also went on to move Egypt’s capital city back to Thebes from Armana, proving of how he had the people’s best intersts at the core of his short rule. Although he had a short rule as king, Tutankhamun had the correct intentions and ideas for a successful Egypt and bring peace to it’s public, following the havoc created during his father’s reign, therefore giving proof of why Tutankhamun could be considered as The Greatest Egyptian King for the events which occurred during his rule.
King Tutankhamun, known mostly for the discovery

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