King Tut's Tombs

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The valley of the kings is located just west of the Nile river and is the burial ground for almost all the pharaohs from 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasty. The valley of kings was constructed sometime around 1539 bc. The reason the the kings of the new kingdom chose to be buried in the lonely valley was fear for the safety of their rich burials. The valley of kings is home of 62 royal tombs. Almost all the pharaohs from Thutmose I to Ramses X are buried in the valley of the kings. The Egyptians believed that if you were buried with your riches you would take them with you into the next life. Pharaohs would have been buried with unimaginable wealth, that made their tombs a prime target for robbery. Starting around the time of thutmose the 1st pharaoh were buried in the valley of the kings. Their tombs sunk deep into the mountains. Projecting them from robbery, and allowing for kings to be buried with all their wealth.…show more content…
King Tut’s tomb was found by English archaeologist Howard Carter in 1923. The reason the discovery of Tutankhamen 's tomb was so important was because of the condition his tomb was found in. Dr Carter found Tut’s tomb to be almost completely untouched. Unlike several tombs found before Tut the young pharaoh 's tomb had been untouched by robbers, priceless artifacts were found in Tutankhamen 's tomb. Another great discovery in the valley of kings was that of thutmose III tomb. The tomb of thutmose is said to be one of the most sophisticated of any of the tombs found in the valley of kings. Thutmose the III tomb was found by Victor Loret in 1898. One of the most influential pharaohs found in the valley of kings is Ramesses the II also known as Ramesses the great. Though sadly one of the largest tombs in the valley of kings is also the most degrading and has been ravished by flooding several times. The tomb of Ramesses and his sons was found by Ernesto Schiaparelli in

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