King Zivanovich's Story Of Sir Kerr By Bram Stoker

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Of all the people in his vast kingdom, King Zivanovich was most jealous of the noble knight, Sir Kerr, because he is a very good looking man, who is warm hearted, and is brave enough to do anything at any time. For a couple of weeks, Sir Kerr has been looking for a missing girl, that hasn’t yet been found. His mission, assigned by the evil King Zivanovich, was to find Wilsonie and return her within a month. If it was done any later, he has to leave the kingdom. King Zivanovich knew that it would take some time for Sir Kerr to find her, because he is the one who hid Wilsonie in a faraway, secret land, called Strictness. It was very cruel of King Zivanovich to trick Sirr Kerr, but in order to get rid of him, he had to come up with a wicked and evil plan.…show more content…
He was sick of seeing someone being better, and more good looking than he was, so he wanted him to leave the kingdom. Without a doubt, exactly a month later King Zivanovich heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” He shouted, wondering who it was. Sir Kerr walked through the door, and said “I am back from my long journey, and I am sure you will be glad, and happy to hear that I, the brave knight, have found Wilsonie.” King Zivanovich was absolutely astonished, he had no idea what to say. “Um, well, great job, but where is she?” “Right here,” he responded as Wilsonie walked through the door. King Zivanovich was speechless, he didn’t know that Sir Kerr would be able to complete such a difficult task. “Thank you, now if you’ll excuse you me, I have a meeting to get to,” King Zivanovich stomped off

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