Kingdem Capital Case Study

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Bring Fortune to the Five Continents, and Support the World with Virtue.

Founded in February 2001, Beijing Kingdem Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd.("Kingdem Capital" for short) is one of the core enterprises of Singapore Kingdem International Financial Holding Group and a registered private equity fund manager in China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association. Kingdem Capital is a financial institution that manages private equity funds such as venture capital, equity investment and securities investment in accordance with the law, specializing in strategic investment, investment banking and corresponding value-added management services.
Kingdem Capital has adhered to the development strategy of "bringing fortune to the five continents,
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With years of working experience and hard work, the company has built the investment management team and gained investment management experience, comprehensive investment solutions, rich cooperation resources inside and outside the industry and thinktank resources. All these have laid a solid foundation for Kingdem Capital to be committed to the development of the company, its controlling shareholders and long-term financial serviced partners with high-quality cooperation…show more content…
Kingdem Capital conducts various kinds of investment banking business, including mergers and acquisitions, equity financing, debt financing, project financing and share-holding reform, asset restructuring, strategic investors introduction, the state-owned enterprise transformations, domestic and overseas initial public offering, targeted additional shares issuance.At present, Kingdem Capital has accumulated rich investment management experience in "listed companies + PE", central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises industrial buyout funds, targeted additional shares issuance of listed companies, and built a scientific and mature operation system. It is now good at matching mature modes with mature
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