Hyphae Essay

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1.Those animals all belong to the Kingdom Animalia|. 2.ex.1. Corn was crafted through artificial selection a wheat like plant called Teosinte became corn, the vegetable became bigger, easier to eat, and sweater. ex.2.humans over the time have created Kale, Cabbage, and other plants through the artificial selection of Wild Mustard. The plants no longer have yellow flowers and now have lots of large edible leaves. 3.They belong to the Phylum Cnidaria. 4.Stomata allows carbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen in and out of the cell efficiently 5.Snakes are most likely related to Jucaraseps. The structure lends evidence to this association is the common structures, or otherwise known as structural similarities. 6.The function of Endospores are…show more content…
An innate behavior is a behavior that comes instinctively and does not need to be learned an example of this is how ducks instinctively follow their parents. 25. Examine the structure of hyphae and explain how they share genetic material.(phylum?) Some fungi are made of cells that form hyphae, which are threadlike structured, fungal filaments; all of these fungi have chitin in their cells which helps strengthen the cell wall. 26.The levels of classification are: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, & Species. 27.Singing, scent, scratching, and urine are all examples of innate behavior. 28.Decomposers are what eat dead organisms; Fungi are identified as decomposers because they get their food from dead organisms and life off of the nutrients that that provides. 29.Mobility is important for the survival of animals because it can help them escape their predators, as well as letting animals move to a better environment for them. One example of how mobility can increase the chances of survival is a deer, if it wasn’t able to go as fast as it does deer would be extinct because most of the predators probably would’ve eaten them by now. Another example of how mobility has saved animals is how butterflies migrate south during the winter in order to stay alive and keep them from freezing to death or dying of
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