Kingdom Fair Mission Statement

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The name of the organization I chose for Kingdom Fair was YWCA of Northern Orange County. YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) is dedicated to empowering women, girls and their families economically and socially. Their mission is to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. The YWCA accomplish their mission by empowering generations of women addressing their changing personal needs. They hope to equip many diverse individuals to achieve and maintain social, physical, financial, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Their vision is to provide a safe environment for all women and girls to come together and experience opportunities, awareness, and action, diversity and inclusiveness and partnership with others. What do we do? We volunteer at the events that help raise the funds that go towards their annual mammograms for uninsured women and the scholarships that allow women of all ages to go back to college who did not get the chance or finish to go before. Each year around 500 scholarships are awarded, that go towards high school graduates or older women who choose to go back to school to either get or finish their degree; in order to …show more content…

Also, every year they raise funds and collect donated good such as; dresses, shoes, and accessories to go towards their annual “Prom Project.” Prom Project is one of their most popular and important events that allows teens from various high schools who cannot afford the additional costs of prom, to come and choose everything from their dress to accessories, while getting their hair and make-up prior to their event. Mainly, it is to help teen girls boost their confidence and self-esteem up during the prom season. Furthermore, everything from the event is either fundraised or donated by many people around the

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